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The Idea
Avira means strong. And strength is what we offer to businesses through our unparalleled insights aimed to aid decision-making. Too often, the application of market-research is getting restricted to merely accessing information on markets while its ability to be a tremendous decision-making tool remains dormant. Besides market-data, AviraInsights also provides forethought, planning, quality processes, actionable insights for our client’s business growth.

Market Intelligence and Decision Intelligence are always a formidable combination. But when you add Business Intelligence to it, then you have something very special. At Avira we work towards building solutions and being a one-stop-solution for all decision-making needs by evolving market intelligence
Establishing Relevance
Market Research’s value lies in its relevance to the business and that is established when the consumption of research leads to achievement of business objectives. Our unprecedented Decision Intelligence approach drives business objectives on the back of Research information. All pain points largely perceived in today’s research (like inconsistent research-data, Trends remaining hypothetical in market forecasting, one-size suits all research-data, Eco-system impact ignored in outcomes, etc.) are addressed in a smart framework of modules. All our actionable insights are derived through precision and are driven by speed. We understand the entire business ecosystem, not just a part of it. That is why we have the trend based market sizing, comprehensive competitive intelligence, and in-depth research
Establishing Relevance

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