The ABMiTM approach provides Revenue Opportunities that are broadly categorized into:

  1. Research Qualified LeadsTM or RQLsTM.
  2. Other Traditional Leads (including MQLS, HQLs, SQLs).

“Research Qualified LeadsTMor RQLsTM are meticulously mapped leads generated for the highest possible sales-conversion. A Research qualified LeadTM is basically a Sales-Lead that is mapped and nurtured beyond the regular lead-generation activity. It is an outcome of:

  1. Actionable Research insights that establish a rationale for a sales-transaction to happen.
  2. Primary Research activity that delves into the opportunity mapping for a prospect.
  3. Analyst intervention to build “solutioning” to a prospect.
  4. Competitive benchmarking analysis to cater to the critical success factors.

The opportunities are delivered through our proprietary and innovative technology platform - FABRIC

For an enterprise, growth by any definition would, directly or indirectly, mean Customer Acquisition.Customer Acquisition, in turn, is not merely about two people signing on a dotted line, but involves:

  1. Product/Service relevancy to a customer.
  2. Appropriate time to map that relevancy.
  3. Maintaining a competitive edge in the Product/Service offerings.
  4. A relationship that impacts long-term business goals.
  5. Market dynamics and Trends being Analyzed.
  6. And ofcourse, signing on the dotted line!

Customer Acquisition is not the responsibility of the sales & marketing team alone, but of every function and role within an organization. But the reality remains that non-sales & marketing functions have other priorities than to focus of sales. This is where Avira’s ABMiTM delivered RQLsTM come into the picture