Bridge the gap between Performance and Potential
A Software application oriented company which is operated by Japanese Multinational company and is involved in the calling and messaging app that connects people. The company develops and provides messaging and voice communications applications, which allow users to make Internet-based calls and chats on smartphones and computers.
Business Objective
  • Increase the user-base by augmenting the functionalities and features
  • Create an edge in the highly competitive market space.
Challenges/Focus areas
  • Need to efficiently store PTT messages.
  • Evaluate marketing strategies for better market penetration
Gap analysis
Creating differentiator analysis amongst competitors. A study of AT&T, Azetti Networks, Cybertelbridge Inc., Motorola Solutions, Inc. etc companies was done including a combination of leaders, new entrants, etc.
Forecast & Assessment
Market segmentation focused on End-use Industry to highlight specific areas to focus on
Trend analysis
Trend Analysis focused on consumption of Vitamin premixes in different regions, different demographics and preferences
Ecosystem analysis
Ecosystem analysis Ecosystem Analysis to suggest forward/backward integration strategies
Market Dynamics
Trend Analysis to evaluate the most efficient strategies in the PTT market like the Service providers of push-to-talk over cellular solutions can leverage the growing trends of mobile workspaces by collaborating with industries and constantly upgrading features to equip industries with efficient communication infrastructure
Business Recommendations
Business recommendations given by our analysts to have a direct positive impact :

  • Creating an upload and download service
  • Creating a background processing service
  • Implementing deployment scripts with separate configuration files for each environment
  • Implement a real-time behaviour analysis
  • Providing a complete unit test
  • Mechanism of dividing each voice message into several chunks in keep-alive HTTP connection
  • Eco-system Analysis – The Analysis also includes providing Alliance/Partner recommendations, including:
  • Using Cloud solutions – Simple Queue Service (SQS), Simple Storage Service (S3) and AWS php library
The Client developed a high-grade backend for the "calling client" application, which contributed to the overall product success. The application was only compatible for mobile phones previously, but subsequently, were installed for desktop as well. The company acquired 900 million users post the study.
Linux daemons
PHP Unit