Geographic Expansion – Strategy and Execution
The company is dedicated in manufacturing vitamins, minerals and bioactive components , as well as commodities, specialties and maquilas. The company offers to generate business through building strong relationships and is focused towards innovation and new development
Business Objective
Diversification the Premixes into New geographic regions
Challenges/Focus areas
  • Knowing potential demand of product in different regions for Vitamin & Mineral Premixes
  • Evaluate distribution channels for better market penetration
Gap analysis
Gap analysis through Competitive Intelligence including a Differentiator-analysis with focus on key Industry metrics. The study involved some key players like DSM N.V, Glanbia PLC, Jubilant Life Sciences Limited, Corbin N.V, Abbott Laboratories, Hexagon Nutrition Private Limited, BASF, etc
Forecast & Assessment
Market segmentation focused on Application and form of premixes to highlight specific areas to focus on and a Trend-based market sizing spanning cross-segmentation
Trend analysis
Trend Analysis focused on consumption of Vitamin premixes in different regions, different demographics and preferences
Ecosystem analysis
Ecosystem analysis Ecosystem Analysis to suggest forward/backward integration strategies
Business Recommendations
  • Invest in distributors among other regions for multi vitamin and mineral premixes
  • Focus more on sports and infant’s nutrition’s among few regions
  • Alliance/Partner recommendations
The Client invested in distributors among Europe region for supplying Compound and Multivitamins Premixes and has seen a growth in synergetic revenue within the same financial year
Food Grade
Fortified food
Compound Vitamins