Thought Behind Avira
The intelligence behind market research, backed by the will with which an organization and its management trusts that intelligence, forms the crux for an investment in market research.
And that sets its cost for the present and the future. With technology at its core, we are driving Avira as an inevitable tool for enhanced decision-making and decision execution.
With multiple engagement options, AVIRA becomes an easy-fit partner for all your strategy needs.
We provide direction to the internal and external strategy teams through:
  • Unbiased market data
  • Up-to-date market information
  • All Cross-industry data points that directly or indirectly impact a business
  • Interpretation of Ecosystem level data
  • Deriving actionable insights like TAM-SAM-SOM analysis
  • Seamlessly convert market-specific data to a business-specific strategy
One Stop Solution
We understand business in its entirety and we also understand that in different business situations and for different purposes, the expected business support is not limited to pure market data.
We intend to be a one-stop business partner to our clients and thus, have built capabilities that can provide an end-to-end solution to all business needs.
Through our consulting engagements, our analyst support model, our transaction and corporate advisory services and our technology development team – we stand with our clients in the entirety of the business lifecycle
How We Approach
Using advanced technologies, we churn isolated market events (running into millions) and tag them for their direct and indirect impact on companies, sub-markets, nodes in the ecosystem and geographies and use that data as one of the many parameters to build market data points.
We build competitive intelligence by mapping and analysing indepth, every relevant (big or small) company within the specific market space.
We perform batch-wise and real-time updation of millions of data points within the tool. Hence, for a client, FABRIC is the most relevant research tool and will always remain so. Availability of on-demand analysts makes exclusive data-points also very feasible through a standard FABRIC subscription