Avira provides consulting services that are aimed at bringing about transformational changes to an organizational environment Consulting focus is directed towards key aspects of a business including.
  • Strategy consulting – To help in corporate planning for now and hereafter
  • Management consulting – To assist organizations in performance improvement.
  • Operational consulting – Performing Sensitivity Analysis to drive efficiency and productivity
  • Financial consulting – Enabling inorganic expansion plans and strategies
  • Technology consulting - Advising organizations on using information technology effectively in achieving business objectives
Our deep functional expertise and business understanding provide appropriate consulting studies including, but not limited to: Case-study based analysis, Go-to-market strategy, Macros and micro level Analysis, Change management plan, Vendor landscaping and analysis, Technical and commercial feasibility analysis
Case Studies
Bridge the gap between Performance and Potential
Increase the user-base by augmenting the functionalities and features Create an edge in the highly competitive market space
Geographic Expansion – Strategy and Execution READ OUR CLIENT STORY
Diversification the Premixes into New geographic regions
Providing Unmet need analysis and Epidemiology analysis
Market assessment for launching its product in regions -Europe, USA, China Analyses the current and future demand for breast biopsy devices Understanding its key competitors in Europe, US and China