What makes FABRIC a Virtual CxO ?
Smart enterprises have business-execution teams. These strategy teams become the catalysts to drive a decision from its conception and planning to execution and review phases
Our DNA lies in the ability to understand and emulate the decision requirements as a virtual strategy team by bringing the unparalleled combination of Market Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Decision Intelligence
From a survey of multiple companies of all industries and sizes, we summarized the typical flow of the CxO function. The three activities of the function include – Decision Making, Decision Execution and Decision Review
FABRIC provides the relevant support at every node of these activities – right from defining objectives to reviewing an execution activity
FABRIC modules provide the support through not just insights and information, but also through a feature to customize the market data to suit a company’s strategies.
These features are backed by the ability of the Analyst team that comes with an experience of building and executing business strategies, making FABRIC a CxO’s strategic partner and a Virtual CXO