Key Skills: Pharma Consulting
Pharma Edge Technologies is a one-stop strategic partner who assists the entire pharmaceutical product development life-cycle – from identifying focus products to manufacturing initial batches. Pharma Edge provides product with assured ‘Quality of Design’ through their knowledge-experts, while optimizing the most critical contributing factor – Time.
Key Skills: Technology Development and IT implementation
12th Wonder is a team of international technology problem solvers with a knack for automation and digitization. They offer enterprise-grade software products and develop bespoke software so that their clients can build, connect, and operate at maximum efficiency. 12th Wonder provides tailor-made applications and products with careful precision to tackle clients' biggest needs.
Key Skills: Marketing capability & Syndicated reports
InForGrowth is a market-intelligence company formed with the objective of providing clients access to the most relevant and accurate research content for their growth needs. InForGrowth understands clients' research requirements and help a client in taking informed business critical decisions.