Avira’s Marketing and Sales Consulting expertise in deciphering the key client challenges is the seed for the innovative concept of Account-Based-Market-IntelligenceTM or ABMiTM.

The Global business scenario is under the pressure of Revenue-Growth like never before. A survey involving Global B2B Decision-Makers revealed some key Pain-points and Unmet needs in new Customer Acquisition.

  1. It has been a major survey finding that traditional sales methods such as cold calling, buying data and using spreadsheets are preventin businesses from winning new customers effectively.
  2. New and stricter regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have negatively impacted businesses, reducing their databases of leads.
  1. Generating high-quality traffic and leads is a big challenge and is impacting the most important strategy – Inbound Marketing.
  2. Much of Business Development team’s time is being spend in trying to decipher Market Research instead of focusing on Business Development.
  3. Lack of understanding of the ROI of marketing campaigns.
  4. Investment in Content marketing will improve the ability to engage with prospective buyer personas, augment brand awareness, connect with relevant audience and thereby convert more leads.
  5. Insights on private groups, micro-influencers and social movements are relevant to making a sales impact.
  6. An analysis of ABM through a survey shows that: “Researching Accounts” and “Identifying Target Contacts” are the top two tactics used by marketers within an ABM model.
  7. Personalized experience will be a major catalyst for sales.

ABMiTM provides optimum and disruptive solutions to almost all of the above challenges.
“Account based Market intelligenceTM ”is a strategic approach to winning clients by adapting a deadly combination of:

  1. Approaching key Accounts through focused marketing for better outreach.
  2. Applying market intelligence insights to build relevancy for a possible sale.